As regular readers may know, I’m an expectant dad. The bun has been in my wife’s proverbial oven for just about six months now, and while the road has been rocky, it’s also been rather exciting. I’m one of those people who can’t help but read and read and read about what to do once it pops out, but of course gone are the days when you’d have to venture down the library, charity shop or WH Smith to grab a guide or magazine on babies – now it’s all at your fingertips. Here, we look at the top five apps for dads-to-be.

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Pregnant Dad Lite – FREE

apps for dads
Apps for dads: Pregnant Dad Lite

I love a freebie, and here’s a corker from SB Apps. Although very basic in appearance, it has all the key data to allow you to keep track of the little one as he or she continues to grow.

All that you must do is whack in your baby’s due date, and it will then update daily with details on its weight, length, how many days to go/since conception, and some frequent tips on the main screen. To get more advice you’ll have to upgrade to the full version, which offers more frequent and detailed everyday info and gets rid of those annoying ads.

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MrMom – FREE

apps for dads
Apps for dads: MrMom

Mr. Mom – nothing to do with that amazing Michael Keaton film from the 1980s but equally as brilliant – is a basic dad app offering many words of wisdom. All that it asks you to do is enter the baby’s due date when you first open it, and that’s it. What it will then do is give you a daily fact, some about the baby, and then some about your wife or girlfriend.

For example, today it told me ‘ask what you can do to help with her comfort’. Yesterday it read, ‘baby’s lungs have matured, but baby’s still growing at about a half ounce per week’. All useful stuff, and perfect fodder for those minutes you get on sat on the throne first thing in the morning.

50,000 Baby Names – FREE

apps for dads
Apps for dads: 50,000 Baby Names

Trust me, the conversation regarding baby names is inevitable, and will come sooner than you think. This app’s name is a bit misleading – it’s true the thought of trawling through tens of thousands is enough to turn off even the most interested expectant father – but this one is clever, even though it’s pink and fluffy.

Of course, you can search for names by their meaning or country of origin, but what it does do is bring up 50 names at random, some you may never have heard of. For example, I’ve just done a casual search and brought up the likes of Dustenna, Linsie, Lyria, Bovrek, Alida and Oskars – all female apparently. Of course, you can limit the results to sex if you know what you’re getting. It’s strangely addictive.

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My Baby Heart Rate – FREE 

apps for dads
Apps for dads: My Baby Heart Rate

The pregnancy app which does everything it says on the tin. My Baby Heart Rate Recorder will do just that – allow you to hear and record your baby’s heartbeat. The app uses your mobile phone’s microphone, which you must place on your partner’s tummy, charging end down.

Best used in the third trimester, though according to the tutorial it can be used as early as week 19, this clever app will pick up the sound of your unborn child’s heart pumping away as it continues to grow. It is supported by annoying ads (which can be made to disappear if you upgrade), and strangely does need a wireless internet connection.

Who’s Your Daddy? – £2.99

apps for dads
Apps for dads: Who’s The Daddy?

Whilst initially sounding like a handheld paternity digital test, Who’s Your Daddy? is a pregnancy guide for first time dads from Australia. With a £2.99 price tag, it might initially seem pricey (for an app, anyway), but this handy little tool will guide through the entire nine months of your wife/girlfriend’s pregnancy.

Written by men, for men (with advice from midwifes, as the official blurb reads), Who’s You Daddy?  offers daily tips using the sort of lighthearted banter that we can all relate too. It even has a countdown as you log in, just to remind you how long you’ve got until your life changes forever.

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