Monopoly Cheater's Edition

Monopoly Cheaters Edition – The Version We’ve All Been Waiting For

Some honesty at last. The Monopoly Cheaters Edition. There are hundreds of special editions of Monopoly, everyone’s favourite capitalist bastard board game. There have been town and city versions from places all over the world, and Star Wars and Disney versions. Now, Hasbro has topped the lot by announcing the all-new Monopoly Cheaters Edition . Also […]

Forgotten Movie Toy Lines From The 1980s & 1990s

How many of these movie toys from the 1980s and 90s did you play with? Netflix documentary series The Toys That Made Us has been a blast of nostalgic brilliance. There’s nothing Age of Dad enjoys more than wallowing in the plastic moulded glories of yesteryear. But while The Toys That Made Us has episodes dedicated […]

Big Kids Aisle

Smyths Toys To Open ‘Big Kids Aisle’ For Adult Play

Dads rejoice – we’re officially allowed to get stuck in at the toy shop. There are no two ways about it: as much as we want our toy purchases to please the kids, us parents want to play with the damn things too. Recent Netflix series The Toys That Made Us hammered home just how […]

Star Wars Toys

Why Are The New Star Wars Toys So Rubbish Compared To The Originals?

Star Wars toys used to be magic in the old days. But the Force, says Chris Edwards, is decidedly crap with the new ones. When I was five-years-old I successfully piloted the Millennium Falcon into the heart of the second Death Star, blew up its core reactor and escaped just in time to avoid becoming […]

Best Toys For Dads This Christmas

With less than two weeks to go until Santa loads up the sleigh and starts his busiest (alright, only) shift of the year, we take a look at the best toys for dads – in other words, the toys you’ll want to play with once the kids are in bed – this Christmas. LEGO First […]

Woofy Whoops

Woofy Whoops Review

We play Woofy Woops and ask the ultimate question – is it OK for a dog to pee in Grandma’s face on Christmas afternoon? There have been lots of kids’ games that have repackaged the basic spring-loaded “surprise!” conceit of Buckaroo. We’ve had pirates that pop up. Pies that splat in your face. Dads who […]

Retro Top Trumps

Toy Review: Retro Top Trumps

Top Trumps was never something I played much myself as a kid (I was more a wrestling action figures man, to be honest) but as someone who lives almost exclusively in the past, I was still excited by these retro Top Trumps sets. The “Retro Collection” includes five absolute classics: Exotic Sports Cars 1992, Fantasy […]

Toys For Dads: Cool Stuff We’ve Been Sent This Week

Being a dad’s not all about wiping arses and reminiscing about the days when you could spend all Sunday in the pub. No, you get to play with some pretty awesome shit too. Here are cool books and toys for dads (alright, they’re for kids really) that we’ve been sent and will be reviewing very […]