11 Best LEGO Ninjago Sets

Are you bricking it over what to get the kids for Christmas? We do the work for you by counting down the best LEGO Ninjago sets. The LEGO Ninjago Movie just hit cinemas across the UK this past weekend. The film is the third big-screen LEGO movies, following the, erm, LEGO Movie, and last year’s […]

The Best Lego Sets For Dads

Let’s stop pretending. Lego is for dads. It’s the perfect combination of our two favourite activities – taking on a project, and wallowing in nostalgia. Indeed, it was a sad day when I realised my five-year-old could follow the instructions on his own, which is pretty much why I bothered having a second child, so […]

LEGO Creator Taj Mahal To Get Christmas Re-Release

With heaps of movies in your local multiplex, hundreds of new sets being released each year, and the younger generation’s continuous interest in the little bricks, there’s never been a better time to be a LEGO dad. With Christmas around the corner, thoughts are turning to the time of year when we can kick-back after […]

10 Awesome Things We Learnt From The New Book Of LEGO Facts

What dad doesn’t love LEGO? Which is exactly why we’ve spent the last few days studying this new book on LEGO facts, Absolutely Everything You Need To Know. It’s sure to be a big seller this Christmas, but in case you’re undecided about whether to force your kid to put it on their Crimbo list […]

Mayka Block Tape Review

I wanted to do a Mayka block tape review the second I heard the product was due for release in the UK. Because I admit it, I have a Lego problem. I used to think I could quit at any time, but I can’t. Star Wars, super heroes, police stations, and pirate ships – I […]