PG films

7 ‘PG’ Rated Films (And A ‘U’) I Won’t Let My Kids Watch

PG films? Turns out ‘parental guidance’ doesn’t always mean family-friendly… Not too long ago, I gave a few thoughts on the tricky subject of deciding what entertainment is or is not suitable for your child. As I noted at the time, it isn’t always so simple as just going by the BBFC ratings and assuming […]

When Is Your Child Old Enough To Watch Films Rated Higher Than PG?

Some of us movie fans grew up watching horror and violent movies. But should we let our own kids do the same? It’s a scene which will no doubt prove familiar to a great many parents. My wife and I had just got done binge-watching Stranger Things Season Two, and I thought of our eldest […]

Scariest movies ever

The Scariest Movies Ever – According To A 5-Year-Old

Want a good scare at Halloween? We asked a five-year-old horror fan to name the scariest movies ever. I’ve let my little boy watch moderately scary movies from a very young. Partly because he loves all things monstery, partly because I think horror has a unique way of inspiring creativity and the imagination, and partly […]

10 Reasons Horror In The 1980s Was The Best

With Stranger Things 2 about to transport us to an Upside Down of terrifyingly brilliant nostalgia, we look at 10 greatest things about 1980s horror. Being a teenage fright fan in the early 1990s, my first port of call for all things scary was 1980s horror – the good, bad and every variation in-between. Who […]

Father-Son Bonding

Why Halloween Means Father-Son Bonding Time With My Little Monster

We all want those brilliant father-son bonding moments – perfect times when we indulge in a shared activity that soon blossoms into a lifelong passion. I’ve tried to get my son interested in Formula 1 – or any motorsport for that matter – but he’s not having it. I’ve tried to show him that my […]

IT Movie Review

IT Movie Review Director: Andy Muschietti Starring: Bill Skarsgård, Jaeden Lieberher, Sophia Lillis, FinnWolfhard, Jack Dylan Grazer, Chosen Jacobs, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff Running Time: 2hrs 15mins For an entire generation, the 1990 IT mini-series occupies a very specific, nightmare-inducing space in the collective subconscious. Terrifying us as kids, either from late night repeats, or by peering down […]