The Joy Of Your Child Being Sick (Well, Just A Little Bit)

Lazing around. Star Wars marathons. Biscuits. Extra sleep in the morning. Your child being sick for a few days isn’t all bad news, explains Rich Hathway. When my son came home from school last Friday he had such a croaky voice I thought he’d been possessed. He said he was fine, so I told my […]

10 Awesome Things We Learnt From The New Book Of LEGO Facts

What dad doesn’t love LEGO? Which is exactly why we’ve spent the last few days studying this new book on LEGO facts, Absolutely Everything You Need To Know. It’s sure to be a big seller this Christmas, but in case you’re undecided about whether to force your kid to put it on their Crimbo list […]

The First Time I Told My Daughter ‘You’re Not Wearing That’

Most dads are fully aware that the day will come when they have to tell their daughter: “You’re not wearing that.” Usually this will be in reference to an item of clothing that’s too revealing even for a beach, let alone a night out. You will reach a compromise and she will change into a […]

How My Kid Describes His Morning Vs How It Really Happens

I sat down with my son this weekend to do his homework. I don’t really agree with a five-year-old having homework and he didn’t want to do it, so I wasn’t expecting it to be much fun. I put the spellings aside to be done later and we concentrated on the main task. He had […]

Why Having No Sleep Routine Is Tiring – But Means Quality Dad And Toddler Time

Something you don’t appreciate about parenthood until you’ve got kids is the crippling tiredness. In my early twenties I could survive on four hours sleep a night at a push, if there were special circumstances like going to a gig, or suddenly deciding that an entire season of Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development had […]

Why do I sound like my father

Why Do I Sound Like My Father When I Talk To My Son?

When I’m tired and my kid is trying his best to set a world record for consecutive uses of the question “Why?” I find myself claiming in exasperation “Because I said so!” The words ring in my head, not in my voice but my dad’s. I remember that response all too well from childhood. I […]

Is It Harder Parenting A 5-Year-Old Or Baby?

After a stressful incident in a toy shop, we were sat in Costa trying to regain some composure. I snapped at my kid for the fifteenth time, when he spilt his drink and wiped caramel shortbread all over his trousers. As I averted my weary gaze from the crumby apocalypse I saw a young couple […]

Toys For Dads: Cool Stuff We’ve Been Sent This Week

Being a dad’s not all about wiping arses and reminiscing about the days when you could spend all Sunday in the pub. No, you get to play with some pretty awesome shit too. Here are cool books and toys for dads (alright, they’re for kids really) that we’ve been sent and will be reviewing very […]

How Will I React If My Son Parties Like I Did?

I had a meeting in town the other day and I walked past a club I used to go to in the Nineties. The memories flooded back, great times with mates getting drunk, dancing, trying to meet girls. It was Nineties and we were young, so yes, we took drugs. I’m not condoning it but […]

parenting rampage technique

A Guide To The Parenting Rampage Technique

Anyone who has worked in a customer service role will no doubt be aware that mirroring is generally a terrible idea. Getting someone to calm down by trying to match their ever increasing volume is not a recipe for success. To be clear though: the parenting Rampage Technique is not mirroring, it’s escalating. The Rampage […]