World Book Day: Alternative Costume Ideas For Kids

Don’t let your child be yet another Harry or Hermione! Cast your eye further afield with some of our (hopefully) less obvious suggestions for World Book Day. Thursday March 1 is World Book Day, which in recent years has become the day on which parents up and down the nation cough obscenities and scramble wildly […]

bedtime story books

Bedtime Story Books Every Dad Should Read His Kids

The kids’ bedtime is one of the day’s true magical moments — they get a story, you get one step closer to a few hours’ respite before the relentless madness starts over again the next morning. And finding bedtime story books that spark the imagination of both kids and dad is a rare thing, but […]

Sports autobiographies

8 Crappest (But Also Brilliant) Sports Autobiographies

There comes a time in every man’s life when he realises that he can’t actually be arsed to read War and Peace. He yearns for something simpler. And there’s no simpler literary genre than sports autobiographies. Every year, there are at least 7,000 new sports autobiographies released (a slight exaggeration perhaps, but it’s somewhere in […]

Toys For Dads: Cool Stuff We’ve Been Sent This Week

Being a dad’s not all about wiping arses and reminiscing about the days when you could spend all Sunday in the pub. No, you get to play with some pretty awesome shit too. Here are cool books and toys for dads (alright, they’re for kids really) that we’ve been sent and will be reviewing very […]