World Book Day: Alternative Costume Ideas For Kids

Don’t let your child be yet another Harry or Hermione! Cast your eye further afield with some of our (hopefully) less obvious suggestions for World Book Day. Thursday March 1 is World Book Day, which in recent years has become the day on which parents up and down the nation cough obscenities and scramble wildly […]

Do You Feel Disconnected From Your Family Because Of Your Busy Schedule? 7 Out Of 10 Parents Agree

If the general hustle and bustle of life is making you feel disconnected from your family, then you’re really not alone, according to a new study. The other morning, I managed to change my daughter’s dirty nappy (twice) – with crap all up her back, again – bathe her (twice – because of that double […]

Why Do I Sound Like My Father When I Talk To My Son?

Why do I sound like my father

When I’m tired and my kid is trying his best to set a world record for consecutive uses of the question “Why?” I find myself claiming in exasperation “Because I said so!” The words ring in my head, not in my voice but my dad’s. I remember that response all too well from childhood. I […]