My Son Rated Me On My Abilities As A Dad – This Is How I Scored

Low ABV Beers That Still Pack A Flavoursome Punch

There was a time when the idea of drinking any beer under 5% ABV was simply unthinkable. It was a time when you would think nothing of sinking eight pints of Stella, during its 5.2% heyday, partying till 3am, and then getting up for work the next morning. Indeed, those were the good times – […]

How To Interrogate Your Kids

How To Interrogate Your Kids About Their Day (And Get An Answer)

Fed up of being stonewalled by your children when you ask what they did at school? One dad used TV cop tactics to figure out how to interrogate your kids. Here’s a conversation that will sound familiar to many parents – the daily torture of trying to elicit information from a child about their day. “How […]

Scrapped Pixar Ideas

7 Amazing Ideas Scrapped By Pixar

Pixar has shaped many a childhood (and adulthood) and continues to be the benchmark in feature animation. It’s baffling to think that Toy Story was released nearly 23 years ago, with the company – now owned by Disney (which now owns pretty much everything) – having no less than 16 Oscars to its name, and […]

Things Every New Dad Should Know

10 Things Every New Dad Should Know (But Nobody Ever Tells You)

Incessant talking, rubbish playing, and getting walloped in the balls. Here are some important things every new dad should know about. With one Age of Dad writer about to become a father for the first first time, I decided to share some of parenting’s greatest secrets and give him fair warning. Here are some things […]