How Mom and Dad Has Convinced Me To Never Have Kids

Sometimes, when I wake up and realise I don’t have kids, I laugh hysterically in delight. I’m assured in the knowledge that I won’t be changing any nappies, sending anyone to school or fending off a pubescent fit of rage brought about because I asked the little bugger if they wanted toast for breakfast. No, […]

How The Dude Answers Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Life

The Dude

It’s 20 years since The Big Lebowski was first released in cinemas – the story of eternal slacker The Dude, who gets caught up in a web of kidnap, a peed-on rug, nihilism, bowling paederasts, severed toes, and fucking strangers in the ass (“You see what happens, Larry?!”) Played by Jeff Bridges, The Dude (AKA […]

5 Tasks I’ve Made My Own In My First Months As A Dad

Ever since my wife fell pregnant, I’ve felt pretty bloody useless. It all started with the morning sickness during the early days, with my wife chucking up the previous night’s meal and me standing there like a spare part. Then there was the actual labour, when once again, I just stood there wincing. Now it’s […]