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Bedtime Story Books Every Dad Should Read His Kids

The Problem With Trying To Be The ‘Perfect’ Dad

It’s not easy being a perfect parent but good enough is OK, writes Rich Hathway. I’ll be honest, the thought of spending a day at a family visitor attraction is not top of my wish list. Sure, it’s great for the kid, but it’s a deeply stressful thing for me. Firstly, there’s no way of […]

Blue Peter Named ‘Best Children’s TV Show Ever’ – But Is It Really?

It may be the longest running kids’ TV show ever, and a national treasure – but was Blue Peter ever really that big a deal for most kids? Children’s BBC show Blue Peter is the best kids’ TV programme of all time. This, at least, is the opinion of a panel of experts at the […]

How You Can Play In The FA Cup

Here’s How You & Your Kids Can Play In The FA Cup (Well, Sort Of)

The People’s FA Cup is about to kick-off, which means only one thing: sporting glory awaits. If you’re anything like me, when you look at your rapidly declining physique in the mirror and reflect on where it all went wrong, you also think back to sporting glories of the past – remembering the hopes your younger […]

Always Read The Label

Dad-vice: Don’t Be A Donkey, Always Read The Label

An unexpected gift helped one learn one of the first rules of fatherhood: always read the label. I have a knackered old out building at the back of my property. The doors are broken and the roof leaks and it’s just a dumping ground for unfinished garden projects and things I need to take to […]