I wanted to do a Mayka block tape review the second I heard the product was due for release in the UK. Because I admit it, I have a Lego problem. I used to think I could quit at any time, but I can’t. Star Wars, super heroes, police stations, and pirate ships – I want the bloody lot.

You might assume it’s because building Lego is a brilliant father-son bonding activity, a way to get creative with my son. But the truth is, whenever the bricks come out, we just sit there in silence building our own thing, occasionally squabbling over the last corner piece.

If ever there was proof that I haven’t mentally grown a day since my ninth birthday, my need to own and play with Lego is it.

Mayka block tape review

Normally I’m wary of compatible-but-non brand brick toys. I won’t have Mega Bloks in the house after the Power Rangers Samurai playset fiasco.

But I was sold of concept of Mayka tape, which can can be stuck to anything – walls, ceilings, the sides of already-built Lego models ­– to turn any surface into base on which to build in all kinds of shapes, dimensions, and angles.

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I got my hands on a roll of the tape and put it to the test with my five-year-old. I was impressed with the fact the tape – which is a bendy, durable silicon – can be easily cut with scissors to make it whatever length you need.

Also, after being stuck to any surface, it can also be pulled off (with minimal damage to the paint job on the walls, though no damage would be preferable) and re-used.

Mayka block tape review

Go easy on the cutting though – at 1 or 2 metres, the rolls of tape are deceptively short and will be used up in no time, particularly if overexcited dads get carried away chopping it up. Ahem.

First up, I set my son the task of creating a miniature city on his wall.

This is what I had in my head:

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: Inception.

But when I came back into the room 10 minutes later, I found this to the fruit of his labour.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: nothing like Inception.

After some arguing about why this doesn’t count as a city (any idiot can see I’m right on this one), I let him decide what to make next. As usual, he just wanted to make a couple of men have a fight, so positioned Darth Maul and one of the Ninjago chaps to have an anti-gravity duel.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: The Ninjago bloke is bricking it.

Just in case you don’t believe me, and think that’s just a photograph turned upside down, here’s a picture of my son to prove it, looking very pleased with himself for being so bloodthirsty and making everyone and everything fight all the time.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: Look Dad, no hands.

Mayka tape fits Lego pieces better than other compatible brands (once again, Mega Bloks can eff right off), but the real test is how much weight the tape can handle. My attempts to build an upside down house didn’t work – it just kept falling off – but we did manage to get this Bat-Boat to stay up there.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: the Bat-Boat hangs tough.

Although about three minutes after this picture was taken it fell off and clobbered my son on the head. I shouldn’t have laughed, of course, but I did.

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After that I made this impromptu Lionel Richie mini-figure for a Dancing on the Ceiling gag, which amused me and me alone.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: Oh, what a feeling.

Next up I wanted to make a giant tower and stick the Mayka tape all down the side, so we could create an Escher-style building with bits coming off the side and Lego men walking up the walls. Once again, what I had in my head was way too grandiose, and the entire exercise descended into an another argument between me and the five-year-old – this time about how tall the building should be and whether or not it should have a roof or a door at the top that goes literally nowhere.

We compromised in the end by including the door, but having a strip of tape so Spider-Man could walk up the wall as he does in the movies and just stroll straight into the door.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: Spider-Man crawling home pissed again.

I wanted to do the same with Batman and Robin walking up the side of the building – like in the 1960s TV show – but my five-year-old didn’t get the reference, which led to another brief falling out. Philistine.

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The last thing to try was this wavy pattern as demonstrated on the Mayka website, but after 10 minutes of trying to create a similar effect, I decided you’d have have to defy the laws of physics to achieve such a thing so abandoned it.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: bending the laws of physics

Still, the Mayka tape was good fun and my son’s still using it a week later (the real test of a toy’s value).

And here’s a picture of Darth Maul about to blow Lionel Richie’s head off.

Mayka block tape review
Mayka block tape review: Hello, is me you’re looking Maul?

For more information visit maykaworld.com

Images Credits: ZURU

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