It’s Movember once again. But there’s more to growing a moustache than just not shaving your lip. Our experts explain how to grow and look after your moustache like a mo-pro.

We are Mo Bros, a premium beard and moustache grooming brand, so we know all there is to know about how to get top-notch facial hair – and we’ve joined Age of Dad to impart some of our wisdom. Here are seven top tips on how to grow and look after your moustache, so that upper lip fuzz looks and feels great this Movember.

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Make Sure You Pick A Style That Suits Your Face

Always ensure that your moustache suits you! Whether it’s the shape or style, the moustache should suit your face and most importantly your personality. For example, if you have naturally thinner facial hair, ‘the pencil’ might be a good look for you. However, if you are looking for a quirkier, outgoing moustache, ‘the handlebar’ might be an option. We always suggest using a moustache wax for styling, as wax will allow you to create the best possible shape and will ensure it stays in place all day.

How To Grow and Look After Your Moustache
How To Grow and Look After Your Moustache: Try the pencil

Don’t Just Shave – Trim

Always use scissors to trim your moustache. Scissors will give precision, which you just won’t get from using an electric razor or trimmer. When trimming your moustache, we suggest cutting it in a triangular shape, starting at the middle of your top lip. This shape will ensure a neat, full, and well-defined moustache.

how to grow a moustache

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Keep That Moustache Clean

This is most important tip we can give you! The perfect time to wash your ‘tache is after trimming, to keep it clean, soft, and smelling nice. We also suggest using hot water when washing it, as it opens your pores around your moustache, softening hairs and preventing itchy skin and dryness. However, always make sure to close your pores after washing by using cool water.

How To Grow and Look After Your Moustache

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Cut When Dry

We always recommend cutting when the ‘tache is dry. When wet, your hairs can appear longer compared to when dry, and can therefore result in you cutting too much off.

Also Dry Before Styling

Make sure your moustache is thoroughly dry before you start styling it too, so any products you then use to style will stay on the hairs.

How To Grow and look after your Moustache
How To Grow And Look After Your Moustache: Magnum’s well happy with his ‘tache

Use A Sharp Razor Along The Outer Edge

For a clean finish use a sharp razor along the edge of your moustache to make a defined line between your moustache and skin, this will create an overall polished look.

How to look after your moustache

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Comb It Through

The one thing that can jeopardise a neat moustache is stray hairs. To stop this happening, use a comb and brush through your moustache. By combing downwards, the comb will catch any stray hairs and make sure they are all are going in the same direction.

How to grow and look after your moustache

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