We all remember the scariest horror movies we saw as kids, whether it was a sneaky viewing on late night TV after our parents had gone to bed, or huddling round the box at a friend’s house and watching an inappropriate video blagged from a big brother. Being terrified by a movie can be a defining moment for any young, budding film fan – traumatizing, nerve shredding, or even inspiring that young imagination. It’s a moment fright fans spend a lifetime trying to recapture, hoping that every new horror movie will have the power to actually scare.

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And though it’s rare for a horror film to scare us as adults, it does occasionally happen – either tapping into some deep-rooted fear, or finding new, unexpected ways to shock and frighten the shit out of you.

With Halloween here once again, we asked some dads to tell us about the films that most terrified them as kids (and they’re not necessarily horrors – all sorts of things can mentally scar a little nipper) and the films that – for whatever reason – have also genuinely terrified them as grown men.

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