How important is it for your kids to have great musical taste? When you consider how much music influences a young person’s life – their personality, their social identity, the adult they ultimately grow up to be – then pretty ruddy important. And as music’s such a deeply personal thing, what dad doesn’t want their kids to share and enjoy their own favourite tunes? We asked dads to tell us the most important albums they’ll ever play for their kids – albums guaranteed to set them up for a lifetime of excellent musical taste.

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Grace – Jeff Buckley

Despite being just over one-years-old, and between listening to Teddy Bear’s picnic and What Can We Do With A Grumpy Sailor (grumpy, undoubtedly because he’s not allowed to be a drunken sailor anymore), my son Jude seems to really enjoy listening to the Beach Boys and, of course, Hey Jude. But the first full album I will introduce him to is Jeff Buckley’s Grace.

Not only is Grace full of brilliant riffs and soaring vocals, the record is also a gateway into other acts including, Leonard Cohen, Led Zeppelin and, as you’d expect, Tim Buckley.

I think Grace is the perfect place to start my boy on his journey into shoegazer music. Next stop? Well, it has to be OK Computer by Radiohead, followed by Boxer by The National. Poor kid. His mum on the other hand is looking forward to introducing him to Bryan Adams’ Waking up the Neighbours – pure cruelty.

Jamie Wallis @jamiebwallis

Let It Be – The Beatles

I was never massively into the Beatles as a kid. It’s not that I think that I’m too cool for them or anything (far from it), it’s just that we didn’t have any of their records in the house when I was growing up. Obviously I heard tracks here and there and had an awareness of them, but they’re not a band I had a great connection with. So, when my daughter decided that she loved them, partly due to an interest in the show Beat Bugs, it led to her watching their old videos on YouTube. With this level of interest, I took her to my local record store and let her choose any of their albums, and she went with Let it Be.

As this is technically her first album, this will definitely be passed on to her when she has a record player of her own (or inherits my current one).

It’s interesting to experience this album for the first time with my daughter and the songs we gravitate towards are fairly similar. At the age of six she’s already showing an interest in singing and playing the guitar, so having the Beatles (among others) providing a musical education will provide a solid foundation for her.

Glen Chapman @GlenTChapman

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The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill – Lauryn Hill

The album I would hand down to my daughter is Lauryn’s Hill’s masterpiece ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’. It’s a timeless classic that incorporates the best of rnb, rap and soul. Musically it’s amazing but the real reason I would want to hand this down to my daughter is because of Lauryn’s lyrical content. She touches on empowerment, self-worth, perseverance, and love. All life lessons I would love to teach my daughter.

Elliot Rae @MFFonline_

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