Granooolala Review

Toddler Taste Test: Granooolala Review

I was recently sent this fancy, proper healthy granola from Eat Naturals in three different flavours – Cocoa & Almonds, Cinnamon Spice, and Coffee & Walnuts. I have to confess I’m not a massive fan of posh cereals (given a choice I’d still go Wheetos every time) and have already wasted too much of my […]

Fixing Stuff

Why Fixing Stuff Is One Of Life’s Great Pleasures

Ignore all the tutting, getting handy and fixing stuff is a dad’s prerogative. Are there things that as a dad you always moan about, but secretly enjoy? For me it’s fixing stuff. I’ve been a dad for nearly six years now so I’m constantly on the fix. When you’re bombarded with parental advice before your […]

How To Grow And Look After Your Moustache

It’s Movember once again. But there’s more to growing a moustache than just not shaving your lip. Our experts explain how to grow and look after your moustache like a mo-pro. We are Mo Bros, a premium beard and moustache grooming brand, so we know all there is to know about how to get top-notch […]

Outdoors nurseries

I’m All For Outdoors Nurseries – If They Mean I Never Have To Go To The Playground Again

A survey last week found that parents are overwhelmingly in favour of sending their children to outdoors nurseries. The survey, conducted by Canopies UK, revelaed that 70% of parents asked would either consider sending their child to outdoors nurseries, or already do so. This comes following the news that Jamie Oliver is back on the […]

Father-Son Bonding

Why Halloween Means Father-Son Bonding Time With My Little Monster

We all want those brilliant father-son bonding moments – perfect times when we indulge in a shared activity that soon blossoms into a lifelong passion. I’ve tried to get my son interested in Formula 1 – or any motorsport for that matter – but he’s not having it. I’ve tried to show him that my […]

The Joy Of Your Child Being Sick (Well, Just A Little Bit)

Lazing around. Star Wars marathons. Biscuits. Extra sleep in the morning. Your child being sick for a few days isn’t all bad news, explains Rich Hathway. When my son came home from school last Friday he had such a croaky voice I thought he’d been possessed. He said he was fine, so I told my […]

The First Time I Told My Daughter ‘You’re Not Wearing That’

Most dads are fully aware that the day will come when they have to tell their daughter: “You’re not wearing that.” Usually this will be in reference to an item of clothing that’s too revealing even for a beach, let alone a night out. You will reach a compromise and she will change into a […]

Why Having No Sleep Routine Is Tiring – But Means Quality Dad And Toddler Time

Something you don’t appreciate about parenthood until you’ve got kids is the crippling tiredness. In my early twenties I could survive on four hours sleep a night at a push, if there were special circumstances like going to a gig, or suddenly deciding that an entire season of Curb Your Enthusiasm or Arrested Development had […]

Cool 1980s Lunch Boxes & The Best To Buy Your Kids Now

When I was a kid – which, granted, was way back in the 1980s – the lunch box was my biggest enemy. No matter what my dear old mum put in there as a treat for me during my long day at school, it would almost always end up in the bin. The sheer repetitiveness […]

Is It Harder Parenting A 5-Year-Old Or Baby?

After a stressful incident in a toy shop, we were sat in Costa trying to regain some composure. I snapped at my kid for the fifteenth time, when he spilt his drink and wiped caramel shortbread all over his trousers. As I averted my weary gaze from the crumby apocalypse I saw a young couple […]