Things Every New Dad Should Know

10 Things Every New Dad Should Know (But Nobody Ever Tells You)

Incessant talking, rubbish playing, and getting walloped in the balls. Here are some important things every new dad should know about. With one Age of Dad writer about to become a father for the first first time, I decided to share some of parenting’s greatest secrets and give him fair warning. Here are some things […]

Is my child a fussy eater

Is My Child A Fussy Eater Or A Discerning Diner?

Just because a kid knows their own tastes, it doesn’t necessarily make them “fussy”, writes Rich Hathway. Is my child a fussy eater? It’s one of those catchall terms that is trotted out whenever a child turns their nose up at some type of food or another. I’ve used the term myself to describe my […]

These Are The Best Beers To Pair With Your Christmas Dinner, According To An Expert

With just a couple of days to go until Christmas, thoughts have turned to gorging on the year’s best meal and chucking obscene amounts of booze down our necks. While most will opt for a straightforward glass of plonk to accompany the festive dinner, some dads fancy a proper beer to wash down our turkey […]

Christmas Dinner Survival Guide

The Dads’ Christmas Dinner Survival Guide

Got your presents sorted? Decorations just about holding up? That’s the easy bit done then – now you need to get lunch right. This meal could make or break Christmas, for EVERYONE. Nail it and you can spend the rest of the day in an air of smug contentment; get it wrong and you will […]

Apps For Dads: The 5 Best Apps For Expectant Fathers

As regular readers may know, I’m an expectant dad. The bun has been in my wife’s proverbial oven for just about six months now, and while the road has been rocky, it’s also been rather exciting. I’m one of those people who can’t help but read and read and read about what to do once […]

difficult labour

Our Miracle Baby: What It’s Like Going Through A Difficult Labour, From A Dad’s Perspective

Waiting, worry, and Angry Birds. One dad explains the realities of sitting on the sidelines during his partner’s difficult labour. When my partner told me she was pregnant, it was one of the best days of my life. We had been waiting for IVF because of problems conceiving, so a natural pregnancy was like a […]

Drinking On Christmas Morning

The Joys Of Drinking On Christmas Morning

Drinking on Christmas morning? Ho-ho-ho yes. Starting early is one the festive season’s greatest pleasures, says Tom Flint. As an adult there are only two situations for which morning boozing is acceptable. The first is drinking at the airport while waiting for a flight, the second is drinking on Christmas morning. In fact, there’s no […]

Best Beers For Dads

Beers Every Dad Needs To Stock The House With This Christmas

Whether you are a real ale purist or lover of all things crafty, there’s always an exciting new beer out there for you. The boom in craft brewing has led to an explosion in the number of microbreweries in the UK and beyond – plus many established brewers are competing by upping their game and […]

talking to your child like an adult

Why Talking To Your Child Like An Adult Is A Good Thing

Worried you’re blinding your kids for science? Don’t be.  Getting technical with “dad speak” and talking to your child like an adult is good for their development. Do you get frowned at for talking to your child like they’re an adult? Do you get that pity-ridden shake of the head from people who think you […]

With UK Store Closures Announced, Here Are 5 Ways To Save Toys R Us

Toys R Us has announced that it will shut “at least” 26 stores of its UK stores in 2018 – putting up to 800 jobs at risk across at our favourite over-sized, slightly-intimidating, occasionally-soulless toy shop. It follows the US and Canadian version of the chain filing for bankruptcy protection earlier in the year. As […]