Apps For Dads: The 5 Best Apps For Expectant Fathers

As regular readers may know, I’m an expectant dad. The bun has been in my wife’s proverbial oven for just about six months now, and while the road has been rocky, it’s also been rather exciting. I’m one of those people who can’t help but read and read and read about what to do once […]

How Fatherhood Inspired Me To Start Working Out

Nothing alerts you to your fitness levels more than chasing kids around – but getting in shape doesn’t necessarily mean turning into Hugh Jackman. I’m sure many of us will recall back in 2015, when the infamous Vin Diesel dad-bod photos appeared. Paparazzi shots showed the typically buff Fast & Furious star on a hotel […]

5 Tasks I’ve Made My Own In My First Months As A Dad

Ever since my wife fell pregnant, I’ve felt pretty bloody useless. It all started with the morning sickness during the early days, with my wife chucking up the previous night’s meal and me standing there like a spare part. Then there was the actual labour, when once again, I just stood there wincing. Now it’s […]

martial arts

Why Your Kids Should Do Martial Arts, According To Science

Back in the 1990s, every Thursday night, I would venture to my local leisure centre and partake in the martial art of jujutsu – a blend of karate and judo – and every week, completely had the crap kicked out of me by anyone present; younger and older, male and female. We’re talking kicks to […]

Do You Feel Disconnected From Your Family Because Of Your Busy Schedule? 7 Out Of 10 Parents Agree

If the general hustle and bustle of life is making you feel disconnected from your family, then you’re really not alone, according to a new study. The other morning, I managed to change my daughter’s dirty nappy (twice) – with crap all up her back, again – bathe her (twice – because of that double […]

Why do I sound like my father

Why Do I Sound Like My Father When I Talk To My Son?

When I’m tired and my kid is trying his best to set a world record for consecutive uses of the question “Why?” I find myself claiming in exasperation “Because I said so!” The words ring in my head, not in my voice but my dad’s. I remember that response all too well from childhood. I […]


Why We Should Celebrate The Dad-Bod

Is the dad-bod something to be ashamed of? No, it’s a matter of manly pride, says Tom Fordy. I’ve had enough of headlines, articles, and social media posts that say things like, “How to get rid of your dad-bod”, “From fat dad to fit dad”, and “Being a big fat bastard makes you less of […]

5 Best Apps For New Dads

After becoming a father three weeks ago, I’m just about hitting my stride and getting used to having another human being around to look after. That said, I always welcome new tools to make my baby-filled life easier. So, following by prenatal effort – the ‘5 Best Apps For Dads To Be’ – here are […]

Why Childhood Fears Can Be A Good Thing

My six-year old has developed a fear of the dark. It’s natural, I know, and so we are doing what he needs to help him through it. He has six – yes, six – night lights in his bedroom and we don’t belittle his fear. We all had childhood fears, some of us have adult ones too, […]

7 Things I’ve Learned From My First Two Weeks As A Dad

I can’t entirely describe the feeling of becoming a dad for the first time. Our little bundle of joy came into the world in the middle of January, following nine months of worry, stress, and angst. Little did I know that these emotions would be cranked up all the way to 11 during the first […]