Why We Should Celebrate The Dad-Bod

Is the dad-bod something to be ashamed of? No, it’s a matter of manly pride, says Tom Fordy. I’ve had enough of headlines, articles, and social media posts that say things like, “How to get rid of your dad-bod”, “From fat dad to fit dad”, and “Being a big fat bastard makes you less of […]

5 Best Apps For New Dads

After becoming a father three weeks ago, I’m just about hitting my stride and getting used to having another human being around to look after. That said, I always welcome new tools to make my baby-filled life easier. So, following by prenatal effort – the ‘5 Best Apps For Dads To Be’ – here are […]

Why Childhood Fears Can Be A Good Thing

My six-year old has developed a fear of the dark. It’s natural, I know, and so we are doing what he needs to help him through it. He has six – yes, six – night lights in his bedroom and we don’t belittle his fear. We all had childhood fears, some of us have adult ones too, […]

7 Things I’ve Learned From My First Two Weeks As A Dad

I can’t entirely describe the feeling of becoming a dad for the first time. Our little bundle of joy came into the world in the middle of January, following nine months of worry, stress, and angst. Little did I know that these emotions would be cranked up all the way to 11 during the first […]

protective parents

When Should We Let Go Of Being Protective Parents?

Why being protective parents could be more about our own anxieties than ours kids’, writes Rich Hathway. Seeing our children grow up is a wonderful thing. We meet our children in the first seconds of their lives and they are at once both perfect and completely helpless. As they grow so do we, every new […]

kids birthday presents

Why Buying Other Kids Birthday Presents Brings Out The Worst Dad In Me

Is buying other kids birthday presents an act of kindness? Or just about competitive parenting and showing off? It’s a tricky business, buying other people’s kids birthday presents – a political minefield of social etiquette and shameless ego-stroking. It dawned on me this week, as I found myself in WH Smith, arms crammed with £30 […]

advice for dads-to-be

Essential Advice For Dads-To-Be

A friend of mine has just found out he’s going to be a dad for the first time. This is tremendous news, not least because it’ll finally wipe that smug, well-rested look off his face and he will have to eat his words about how having kids doesn’t need to change anything. Yeah, we’ve all […]

How My Kid Describes His Morning Vs How It Really Happens

I sat down with my son this weekend to do his homework. I don’t really agree with a five-year-old having homework and he didn’t want to do it, so I wasn’t expecting it to be much fun. I put the spellings aside to be done later and we concentrated on the main task. He had […]

superhero questions

I Asked My Son The Big Superhero Questions – His Answers Were Hilariously Bad

Which superhero is best? Who’s the toughest? What’s the best superpower? Truly questions for the ages – and ones that parents and kids could debate for hours. Hundreds of millions have been spent on Marvel and DC movies. So where once their comic book characters were niche and nerdy, they are now mainstream and major […]

Why It’s Better Being An Older Dad

My son was born when I was 38. I’m what could be generously referred to as an older dad. Or “a dinosaur”, as my son calls me. It’s true that I’m older than his friends’ dads. I have less hair, a more errant stomach, and I give an involuntary puff of the cheeks as I […]