How Topps Are Celebrating 25 Years Of Premier League Stickers

Remember those days in the playground when you and your mates would get together and rip out wads of Topps’ Premier League stickers, then browse, gawk in awe, and barter over swaps? Well, Topps’ Premier League stickers are 25-years-old this year and next month Topps are giving away 2,500 prizes signed by some of the […]

Greatest Thing To Happen On TV

Dads Tell Us The Greatest Things To Ever Happen On TV

On World TV Day we ask dads to explain the greatest things that ever happened on television – from shows and characters to life-changing moments. What would we do without the television? Just stare blankly at the corner of the room, most probably, with nothing to talk about at work the next day. It would […]

Justice League review

Justice League Review

Stefan Pape with Age of Dad’s official Justice League review. It’s fair to say that Suicide Squad has been widely recognised, and ultimately considered, to be absolutely rubbish. Conversely, Wonder Woman was critically lauded, tapping into the imaginations, and hearts, of parents and children across the world. So intrigue as to where Justice League falls […]

Best Christmas Ads

As John Lewis Reveals Moz The Monster, Here Are The 10 Best Christmas Ads

The Christmas TV advert is as much a part of the festive season as turkey and arguing about Brexit with your nan. With today’s arrival of the season’s most anticipated festive commercial from John Lewis, this year featuring the lovable Moz The Monster, we thought we’d take a trip back to the Yuletides of yesteryear […]

Men Listen To Pop Music

Why Real Men Listen To Pop Music

It’s time to shake off the idea that pop is for girls or can’t be taken seriously. Because men listen to pop music too, says Tom Fordy. Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation is only just on shelves, but already it’s caused plenty of agro and manufactured media controversy. Taylor has entered her “dark phase”, shedding […]

what it's like going to an NFL game

What It’s Like Going To An NFL Game, By A Lifelong Rugby & Football Fan

The NFL might be gaining popularity in the UK, but does the glitz and glamour of American sports work in front of a British crowd? Tom Flint found out what it’s like going to an NFL game. The British have longtime obsession with all things American, and their sports are steadily gaining popularity with equally […]

Predator is the Greatest Action Movie

Why Predator Is Still The Greatest Ever Action Film

Predator turned 30 this year and is about to return to cinemas. Great news, because Predator is the greatest action movie of all time. Son of a bitch. Hollywood’s desire to destroy the past, by insisting on remaking and ruining classic films, is a trend that 99.9% of people wish they could machine gun into […]

Best Firework Displays To See With The Kids

5 Of The Best Firework Displays To See With The Kids This Weekend

Flash. Bang. Wallop. We round up the best firework displays to see with the kids. It’s that time of year when it all starts to go off big-time outdoors with constant bangs and crackles, night after bloody night. With the dog cowering in the corner and the kids kicking off about wanting to go see […]

LEGO Creator Taj Mahal To Get Christmas Re-Release

With heaps of movies in your local multiplex, hundreds of new sets being released each year, and the younger generation’s continuous interest in the little bricks, there’s never been a better time to be a LEGO dad. With Christmas around the corner, thoughts are turning to the time of year when we can kick-back after […]

Scariest movies ever

The Scariest Movies Ever – According To A 5-Year-Old

Want a good scare at Halloween? We asked a five-year-old horror fan to name the scariest movies ever. I’ve let my little boy watch moderately scary movies from a very young. Partly because he loves all things monstery, partly because I think horror has a unique way of inspiring creativity and the imagination, and partly […]