PG films

7 ‘PG’ Rated Films (And A ‘U’) I Won’t Let My Kids Watch

PG films? Turns out ‘parental guidance’ doesn’t always mean family-friendly… Not too long ago, I gave a few thoughts on the tricky subject of deciding what entertainment is or is not suitable for your child. As I noted at the time, it isn’t always so simple as just going by the BBFC ratings and assuming […]

most important albums

Dads Tell Us The Most Important Albums They’ll Ever Play Their Kids

How important is it for your kids to have great musical taste? When you consider how much music influences a young person’s life – their personality, their social identity, the adult they ultimately grow up to be – then pretty ruddy important. And as music’s such a deeply personal thing, what dad doesn’t want their […]

new Die Hard

The Midlife Hostage Crisis: How Liam Neeson Became The New Die Hard

Die Hard on a train? Now it’s Liam Neeson on a train, says Tom Fordy. I once met Liam Neeson, during a press junket for his 2014 terrorism-on-a-plane movie Non-Stop. I wanted to ask him about post-9/11 anxiety in action cinema, but the tabloid journalist next to me set the tone by asking, “Have you ever […]

kids' tv

Why Great Kids’ TV Is Important For Parents Too

Great kids’ TV is more than just entertainment – and this is its golden era, writes Seb Patrick. Earlier this month, Radio Times printed the results of a poll designed to find their team of experts’ favourite kids’ TV series. The headline news was that Blue Peter came top, but a far more noticeable detail […]

Forgotten Movie Toy Lines From The 1980s & 1990s

How many of these movie toys from the 1980s and 90s did you play with? Netflix documentary series The Toys That Made Us has been a blast of nostalgic brilliance. There’s nothing Age of Dad enjoys more than wallowing in the plastic moulded glories of yesteryear. But while The Toys That Made Us has episodes dedicated […]

Big Kids Aisle

Smyths Toys To Open ‘Big Kids Aisle’ For Adult Play

Dads rejoice – we’re officially allowed to get stuck in at the toy shop. There are no two ways about it: as much as we want our toy purchases to please the kids, us parents want to play with the damn things too. Recent Netflix series The Toys That Made Us hammered home just how […]

Star Wars Characters Who Should Get A Spin-Off

10 Star Wars Characters Who Deserve A Spin-Off Before Obi-Wan

There could be a new Obi-Wan Kenobi movie in the works, but there are other Star Wars characters who should get a spin-off first, says Chris Edwards. A bit like a chesty cough, the rumours of Ewan McGregor reprising his role as Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi just won’t go away. And now that an […]

Blue Peter Named ‘Best Children’s TV Show Ever’ – But Is It Really?

It may be the longest running kids’ TV show ever, and a national treasure – but was Blue Peter ever really that big a deal for most kids? Children’s BBC show Blue Peter is the best kids’ TV programme of all time. This, at least, is the opinion of a panel of experts at the […]

How You Can Play In The FA Cup

Here’s How You & Your Kids Can Play In The FA Cup (Well, Sort Of)

The People’s FA Cup is about to kick-off, which means only one thing: sporting glory awaits. If you’re anything like me, when you look at your rapidly declining physique in the mirror and reflect on where it all went wrong, you also think back to sporting glories of the past – remembering the hopes your younger […]

Low ABV Beers That Still Pack A Flavoursome Punch

There was a time when the idea of drinking any beer under 5% ABV was simply unthinkable. It was a time when you would think nothing of sinking eight pints of Stella, during its 5.2% heyday, partying till 3am, and then getting up for work the next morning. Indeed, those were the good times – […]