Sports autobiographies

8 Crappest (But Also Brilliant) Sports Autobiographies

There comes a time in every man’s life when he realises that he can’t actually be arsed to read War and Peace. He yearns for something simpler. And there’s no simpler literary genre than sports autobiographies. Every year, there are at least 7,000 new sports autobiographies released (a slight exaggeration perhaps, but it’s somewhere in […]

When Is Your Child Old Enough To Watch Films Rated Higher Than PG?

Some of us movie fans grew up watching horror and violent movies. But should we let our own kids do the same? It’s a scene which will no doubt prove familiar to a great many parents. My wife and I had just got done binge-watching Stranger Things Season Two, and I thought of our eldest […]

Best Christmas Spirits Every Dad Needs In The House

Whether you are hosting friends and family or just throwing a party, it is essential you stock up on some quality festive spirits to impress your guests at Christmas. Whether you’re whipping up your favourite cocktail or after something special to sup at night, dads should be prepared. The UK spirits market is booming, with […]

Best Toys For Dads This Christmas

With less than two weeks to go until Santa loads up the sleigh and starts his busiest (alright, only) shift of the year, we take a look at the best toys for dads – in other words, the toys you’ll want to play with once the kids are in bed – this Christmas. LEGO First […]

11 Best Christmas Jumpers For Dads – Ranked By A 5-Year-Old

With Crimbo just around the corner and Christmas Jumper Day on Friday Dec 15, we let a five-year-old choose the best Christmas jumpers for dads. It’s Christmas jumper season again… or as it’s better known as, erm, Christmas. These days, us dads are spoiled for choice with the ol’ Crimbo jumpers – trendy ones, ugly […]

Best Football Twitter Accounts

Best Football Twitter Accounts To Follow

With the football season meandering toward the all-important Christmas period, the Premier League table is looking predictably familiar. New managers will want to spend big in the January sales to turn their faltering teams’ fortunes around, while the more seasoned bosses will bemoan the inflated prices and keep their wallets closed until the summer. You […]

The Best Lego Sets For Dads

Let’s stop pretending. Lego is for dads. It’s the perfect combination of our two favourite activities – taking on a project, and wallowing in nostalgia. Indeed, it was a sad day when I realised my five-year-old could follow the instructions on his own, which is pretty much why I bothered having a second child, so […]

7 Questions We Have After Watching That ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Trailer

The very first Avengers Infinity War trailer has just dropped online. At around 1.23pm this afternoon (UK), millions of film geek hearts went aflutter when Good Morning America exclusively revealed the promo for the film that arrives in cinemas next spring. Take a look at this. Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War trailer While we’re personally big fans […]

10 Things Every Dad Needs To Watch On TV This Christmas

Too impatient to wait until the festive Radio Times? Never mind. We’ve picked out the best Christmas TV for dads. As the legions of premature decorators across the nation have already made abundantly clear, Christmastime is upon us once more. So begins the mad rush to load the kitchen with enough food and drink to […]

Best Netflix Sports Documentaries

Nothing beats sporting drama on TV. Whether it is a cup final or Test series, the tension can rival any Nordic noir crime show. But when you take this and add a documentary element it is the perfect match. The insight into what it takes to be at the top of their game adds a […]