new Formula 1 season

Formula 1 Season 2018: The 5 Biggest Talking Points

Revved up and ready to go for the new Formula 1 season? Rich Hathway explains everything you need to know ahead of this year’s action. The first race of the new Formula 1 season takes place in Melbourne, Australia in late March but the work at the factory rarely stops. You only need to look […]

The She Street Band

Meet The She Street Band – The World’s First All-Female Springsteen Tribute Band

To some, Bruce Springsteen is a dad-rocker, but to his fans he’s so much more. Now The She Street Band have found a whole new side to The Boss. Every Bruce Springsteen fan has been on their own personal journey with the Boss, beginning with a defining moment when his music first gripped them. For […]

7 Films Rated ’15’ That I’m Happy To Watch With My Kids

Maybe, just maybe, the censors don’t get it right every time. Are these restrictive-rated films okay for youngsters after all, or is our writer just a really irresponsible father…? Regular Age of Dad readers may be aware I’ve had a bit of an ongoing series here regarding the film viewing habits of my family, and […]

advice on being a football manager

6 Pieces Of Wisdom From My Dad On Being A World-Class Football Manager

Oi, Southgate! Need some advice on being a football manager? This dad has got it sorted. My dad is a football genius. He once coached a lower school team to plastic trophy glory and now he’s a freelance tactical adviser who works from the sofa. Whenever I watch a game with him, I marvel at […]

Monopoly Cheater's Edition

Monopoly Cheaters Edition – The Version We’ve All Been Waiting For

Some honesty at last. The Monopoly Cheaters Edition. There are hundreds of special editions of Monopoly, everyone’s favourite capitalist bastard board game. There have been town and city versions from places all over the world, and Star Wars and Disney versions. Now, Hasbro has topped the lot by announcing the all-new Monopoly Cheaters Edition . Also […]

greatest dad rockers

Greatest Dad Rockers: Who’s The Dad Rockiest Of Them All?

Tie back your hair and crack out the vinyl. We score the greatest dad rockers of all time. It was intended as a derogatory term for bands that blokes with hairlines fading as quickly as their denim listened to. Many of these “Dad Rock” groups came out of the classic movement of the 1970s, while […]

best football toys

Best Football Toys

Fans of the beautiful game will hop that the bigwigs are digging deep to attracts new talent to their clubs and give them a striking chance as the season enters its final phase. Silly money and behind-closed door dealings are underway to ensure that fans across the land et the best on-pitch action and clubs […]

lego sets for dads

The Best Lego Sets For Dads

With the iconic Danish brick turning 60 this past weekend, here are the best Lego sets for dads. Let’s stop pretending. Lego is for dads. It’s the perfect combination of our two favourite activities – taking on a project, and wallowing in nostalgia. Indeed, it was a sad day when I realised my five-year-old could […]

PG films

7 ‘PG’ Rated Films (And A ‘U’) I Won’t Let My Kids Watch

PG films? Turns out ‘parental guidance’ doesn’t always mean family-friendly… Not too long ago, I gave a few thoughts on the tricky subject of deciding what entertainment is or is not suitable for your child. As I noted at the time, it isn’t always so simple as just going by the BBFC ratings and assuming […]

most important albums

Dads Tell Us The Most Important Albums They’ll Ever Play Their Kids

How important is it for your kids to have great musical taste? When you consider how much music influences a young person’s life – their personality, their social identity, the adult they ultimately grow up to be – then pretty ruddy important. And as music’s such a deeply personal thing, what dad doesn’t want their […]