Why Cartoon Network’s New ‘ThunderCats Reboot’ Is Sending Everyone Over 30 To Despair

This past Saturday, whilst millions around the world were blubbing into their Union Jack handkerchiefs at the Royal Wedding, millions more were doing dramatic spit-takes into their sugar-frosted cereal as news broke that a beloved Saturday morning cartoon classic is coming back… but not as we knew it. Yes, a new ThunderCats reboot is on […]

World’s Greatest Dads: No.2 Roger Murtaugh

The label of father carries a variety of key responsibilities and recurring character traits. Tradition dictates the male parent be both the main provider and the protector, ensuring that his children are safe from danger and that they know how to keep themselves safe out in the big wide world. Tradition also tends to dictate […]

Ranking The Dads Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, From Worst To Best

Being a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to necessitate two things: 1) a gratuitous shirtless scene; and 2) severe daddy issues. Go down the list of Marvel’s leading man heroes from the past decade of interconnected films, and there are very few of them (Steve Rogers and Steven Strange being notable exceptions) who […]

7 Lessons From Evil Dead’s Ash On Being A Middle-Aged Man

Just when the men of Generation X had only just (or in many instances, not remotely) come to terms with the loss of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, we’re hit with the bombshell that yet another of our lifelong heroes is being put out to pasture. Bruce Campbell has officially declared his retirement as Ashley J […]

80s TV Cartoon M.A.S.K. Is Being Turned Into A Film

A film is about to go into development based on perhaps the greatest toys from the 1980s – and what’s more, it will be directed by the guy that handled the last movie in The Fast and Furious series. If you were a child who grew up when the M.A.S.K. toys were in the shops, […]

Why The Meg Could Be The Greatest Dad Movie Ever

Every once in a while, there comes a new motion picture that just has ‘Dad’s night out’ written all over it. Such a movie is The Meg, which will see Jason Statham do battle with a 75-foot prehistoric ancestor of the great white shark, known as the Megaladon. Excited yet? Maybe you will be after […]

greatest wrestlemania match

Dads Tell Us The Greatest WrestleMania Matches Of All Time

Last night saw the return of WrestleMania – the guiltiest pleasure of man-children who never quite grew out of seeing men in tights pretend to fight. We asked some dads to tell us about their favourite ever WrestleMania matches – matches that made them fall in love with the graps or proved the power of […]

Indiana Jones At 76? Sorry, But It’s Too Late For Indy 5

Spielberg has announced that Indiana Jones 5 will start shooting next year. But like the Ark of Covenant, some things are best left alone. Watching Indiana Jones gallop off into the sunset in 1989’s The Last Crusade, with his trusty companions and once-estranged father now firmly by his side, it felt like the heady exploits […]

ready player one

Why I Wish I’d Been A Kid In The 1980s

As the 80s-tastic Ready Player One hits cinemas, one millennial comes to terms with the fact that all the culture he’s ever known has, in fact, been rubbish. I wasn’t born until the early 1990s. And while I am partially grateful to my parents for giving me life, I also profoundly resent them for not […]

Mother’s Ruin Is Father’s Delight: 7 Of The Best Craft Gins

UK pubs are reportedly closing by the dozen each week, but there’s a hidden secret weapon in their boozy arsenal. Along with craft beer, gin is taking the beverage industry by storm, and the success of the various craft types popping up in the taverns across the is slowly spilling into the supermarkets, and old […]