Mother’s Ruin Is Father’s Delight: 7 Of The Best Craft Gins

UK pubs are reportedly closing by the dozen each week, but there’s a hidden secret weapon in their boozy arsenal. Along with craft beer, gin is taking the beverage industry by storm, and the success of the various craft types popping up in the taverns across the is slowly spilling into the supermarkets, and old […]

Jurassic Park Lego

Lego Is Bringing Out Some Classic Sets To Mark Jurassic Park’s 25th Anniversary

In a few months’ time, a new Jurassic World film will be in cinemas, forcing us to once again part with our cash. Jurassic Park: Fallen Kingdom, to give it its full title, will reunite Hollywood golden-boy Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard for some more dinosaur-action, but the big news is that it looks […]

World’s Greatest Dads: No.1 Marty Crane

Age of Dad writers explain their favourite icons of fatherhood. First up, Marty Crane. There is no doubt Frasier and Niles Crane are their mother’s sons. Successful shrinks with a love of the opera and a cheeky sherry before their filet mignon, they are a world away from dad Marty, a retired cop who is […]

How Mom and Dad Has Convinced Me To Never Have Kids

Sometimes, when I wake up and realise I don’t have kids, I laugh hysterically in delight. I’m assured in the knowledge that I won’t be changing any nappies, sending anyone to school or fending off a pubescent fit of rage brought about because I asked the little bugger if they wanted toast for breakfast. No, […]

picture of a central nervous system

Terrify Your Kids With This Picture Of A Central Nervous System

When I was a kid, I scoured the pages of my ‘How Your Body Works’ book for hours. And not just to laugh at the willies. My kids are exactly the same, fascinated by the internal workings – brains, guts, other squidgy bits, and blood. They love the little cartoons of skeletons and men without […]

7 Films Every Dad Should Introduce His Kids To On Netflix

Stuck indoors because of weather? It’s the perfect time to start your kid’s movie education with these family-friendly films of Netflix. Baby, its cold outside. Absolutely bloody freezing, in fact. As the so-called “Beast from the East” collides with “Storm Emma”, over 1,200 schools have closed across the country due to the extreme cold and […]

World Book Day: Alternative Costume Ideas For Kids

Don’t let your child be yet another Harry or Hermione! Cast your eye further afield with some of our (hopefully) less obvious suggestions for World Book Day. Thursday March 1 is World Book Day, which in recent years has become the day on which parents up and down the nation cough obscenities and scramble wildly […]

Lynn Benfield

Why Lynn Is The Real Star Of Alan Partridge

With Lynn Benfield confirmed to return to TV, here’s a love letter to the woman who made Alan Partridge the man he is. Behind every great man is a great woman. In Alan Partridge’s case, it’s his PA Lynn Benfield, shuffling several feet behind and carrying a box of James Bond videos for him because […]

Best Football Twitter Accounts

Best Football Twitter Accounts To Follow

With the football season meandering toward the all-important Christmas period, the Premier League table is looking predictably familiar. New managers will want to spend big in the January sales to turn their faltering teams’ fortunes around, while the more seasoned bosses will bemoan the inflated prices and keep their wallets closed until the summer. You […]

Star Wars Expanded Universe

10 Best Things From The Star Wars Expanded Universe

As Splinter’s of the Mind’s Eye turns 40, we look at the 10 best things to ever come out of that Expanded Universe far, far away… When a new Star Wars trilogy was announced in 2014, a million voices could be heard crying out in terror. It was the sound of devastated fans discovering that the […]