With the football season meandering toward the all-important Christmas period, the Premier League table is looking predictably familiar. New managers will want to spend big in the January sales to turn their faltering teams’ fortunes around, while the more seasoned bosses will bemoan the inflated prices and keep their wallets closed until the summer. You may be after some intelligent commentary on all this, or just a bit of comic relief from the crushing disappointment that each weekend brings. Either way, Twitter has become the best place for some insight into what is really going on, so here are the best football Twitter accounts to follow.


The squeaky clean, potato-peddling face of Match Of The Day has upped his Twitter game in recent years. Football’s Mr Nice Guy isn’t afraid to stir things up with his insightful comments on matches, transfers and backroom shenanigans, and he also weighs in on global politics with a solid repertoire of witty retorts. When he’s not trolling Piers Morgan or President Trump, he’s retweeting the people trolling him. He’s no James Blunt with his putdowns but Lineker is a must-follow.


Football parody accounts are one of the best things about Twitter. Over the years, @TheBig_Sam @BoringMilner and @DeludedBrendan have kept us entertained – and still do – but the current favourite is targeting Arsene Wenger. The stubborn Arsenal manager has had it tough in recent seasons and, unless you’re a proper football fan, you might not always get the jokes. But his ability to seemingly ignore what is staring him full in the face has been captured brilliantly on this account.


Football fans can be incredibly funny, throwing out banter and singing songs that are surprisingly creative. Twitter is a fantastic platform for those with a particular gift for trolling their rivals, and Jimmy Liddel is one of the best. The Kopite commentator spends most of his time having a dig at local rivals Everton, but also gives most other teams a hammering when the opportunity arises. Good-humoured ribbing is what being a fan is all about, so this should appeal to most.


Players generally get a bad rep when it comes to their mental ability. Sadly, for many, this is well deserved. But there are some out there who can actually string a sentence together as well as kick a ball. Brighton’s Liam Rosenior may be coming to the end of his playing days but is preparing for life after football by writing a column for The Guardian. His articles give a unique player’s perspective, written with understanding and balance. Younger players should pay attention.


We all know that football means football here, but in the US it means something totally different. This has been leapt on by USASoccerGuy, who commentates on the beautiful game using lots of NFL language and terminology. The result is brilliant. The account is currently on a hiatus, and we hope for new posts soon. It is silly, but whoever’s behind it clearly has a great understanding of English football. Their Americanisms are equally as well informed.


All fans love the transfer windows and all the talk that goes with it. If you are anything like me you obsessively check rumours to see who might be moving where. With so much information flying about it is hard to find a reliable source but @TransferSite is one of the more trustworthy. These guys cover global transfer rumours so your pub talk should be sorted. Definitely a site for purists and football obsessives, and once you start scrolling you will not stop.


An account that brings together all the banter, commentary and general debate around the Premier League. With everything from amusing memes to serious comment, this is the Twitter equivalent to a group of blokes down the pub. These guys are really going for it too, with an app and other sites linked to their account for those after even more information. This is about as close as you can get to the love child Frank Skinner, David Baddiel and the full line-up of MOTD pundits.


Fantasy Football has destroyed the lives of many a football fan. Not only do you have the stress of supporting your real-world team, you then have to worry about how your fantasy club is doing. FF can make the most passionate Gooner cheer a Spurs goal, or Evertonian pray for a Liverpool clean sheet. Anyone who knows the pain of having their triple captain benched should follow this lot, with tips on who to pick and articles on best practice. We can’t get enough of it.


We all love a useless stat but most of us haven’t not got an encyclopaedic knowledge of football to pick them out. Luckily, OptaJoe has got us covered. Be prepared to be impressed with pearls of knowledge that no one needs. This is football geekery of the highest level and, once you start reading, you can’t stop. It makes for compulsive reading, and if you really want to go down in the estimations of your non-football-obsessive loved ones, then regale them with some of these.


We all love a bit of footie nostalgia and, packed with the Panini pictures of all our favourite players, this account is an amusing trip down memory lane. Everyone from the stylish Ruud Gullit through to a truly brilliant – and unflattering – snap of a young David Moyes appear. You will also get the occasional bit of footage from football’s glory years, when a topless woman kicking off a match to celebrate Carlos Verderrama’s birthday was considered normal.


It was all so much better when we were kids. Defenders were proper hard, kicking lumps out of opponents who didn’t roll around like they’d been shot. And what great attackers. Dennis Bergkamp, David Ginola and Ryan Giggs all set the Premier League alight. We all remember the good times. However, this handle reminds us of the bad. It is dedicated to those moments where the professionals got it wrong in a big way, including outstanding own goals and goalkeeping howlers. No one is safe.

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