Fans of the beautiful game will hop that the bigwigs are digging deep to attracts new talent to their clubs and give them a striking chance as the season enters its final phase.

Silly money and behind-closed door dealings are underway to ensure that fans across the land et the best on-pitch action and clubs can continue to justify sky high pie prices on match days.

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Here are a few footballing greats from the toy terraces.

Tomy Soccerborgs

best football toys

Hitting shelves in May are these cyborg based R/C bots that’ll scoot along at impressive speeds around your makeshift pitch. Each pack gets you a pair of  robots, four bumpers to contain the action, two balls, two remotes, a pair of goals and some stickers. Play one-on-one or you can have a full complement of 22 on the pitch for epic action.

Mini Master Sports Company – Footballer

With this scale 1:18th footballer you use the built-in trigger system to create a pretty impressive kicking action to send your sphere goal-bound. You can play two ways with the included kit, use the spinner to have a free-kick competition (with cardboard defensive wall included) or go for the target system with varying hole sizes. When not in action the player isn’t a bad piece of shelf candy.


best football toys

You wouldn’t think that board games and football were the best of friends but Socceristic brings almost all the rules of the game into a dice-based play. Move your team players around the board and follow referee’s decision or outcome cards. Players score, save penalties, foul, get awarded free kicks, throw-ins and corners and can also be substituted, sent off or injured – but there are no tantrums or questionable behaviour in nightclubs spaces to land on.

Top Trumps Retro – Strikers of 1992

best football toys

Celebrating the best footballing talent of 1992 with a pack of 30 players, the classic card game has you pitting Lineker against Beardsley with many more household names from a great era in the game. All contained in a retro-tastic cassette style pack.

Playmobil Football

best football toys

You may be a fan of the flick to kick game but this set, complete with carrycase, pips that style of play at the post for us. The goalkeepers are free to move in all directions in their box and the outfield players have a spring loaded kicking system that gives the ball some real pace.

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