It’s Christmas once again, which means – as much as anything else – a chance to sit down and watch all your favourite Xmas movies and TV specials, as you do every single year. (Hey, it’s a time for tradition!)

But Christmas means something different to everyone, and we all have our own version of the age-old Crimbo traditions.

So we asked some dads to tell us their festive viewing habits – the movies, TVs, and anything else they simply have to watch to make it feel like a “proper” Christmas for them.

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The Frank Sinatra Show: Happy Holidays With Bing & Frank

Andrew Sumner

No Yuletide at Sumner HQ is complete without watching this rich ring-a-ding slice of Grade A Christmas cheese, broadcast once in 1957 and archived for 45 years until a DVD release in 2003.

Frank Sinatra directed this long-lost ABC TV special himself (he also shot it on 35mm colour film, so it looks great) and it stars Sinatra and Bing Crosby at the absolute peak of their powers, one year after they filmed High Society together.

The premise is lighter than eggnog: a festive Frank is trimming the tree in his ultra-cool 50s bachelor pad, Bing drops round to see his pal, they share some banter, drink some Christmas punch and sing a bunch of top-class jazzed-up Christmas tunes (Jingle Bells, Happy Holiday, Santa Claus is Coming to Town).

Happy Holidays With Bing and Frank (Classic) from Dill Bates on Vimeo.

They also take a brief, bewildering-but-comforting trip back in time to Dickensian England and pal around with some carolers before making it back to Chez Frank for some duets around the piano (including The Christmas Song and, of course, White Christmas) before tucking into a vast turkey over the end credits as the snow begins to fall.

It’s a super-festive, effortlessly-cool 30 minutes of 50s kitsch that whips by in a blaze of sharp-suited good cheer. Deck the Halls, baby!

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