Too impatient to wait until the festive Radio Times? Never mind. We’ve picked out the best Christmas TV for dads.

As the legions of premature decorators across the nation have already made abundantly clear, Christmastime is upon us once more. So begins the mad rush to load the kitchen with enough food and drink to live out a nuclear holocaust, and hope the kids don’t ask questions about all those large bags that have mysteriously appeared on top of the bedroom wardrobe.

We can’t guarantee that it’ll snow, or that everyone will get exactly what they want, or that Great-Grandma won’t blurt out something horrendously racist over Christmas dinner – but we can say for sure that there’ll be a lot of family time plonked in front of the TV having eaten too much to move.

Britain’s major TV channels have revealed some of the big shows they have in store for us this festive season, and after much chin-stroking and circling of interesting titles with a felt tip in the double-size Radio Times, here are what we’d class as the ten must-see shows of the holidays; some for all the family, some for when the kids are dragged kicking and screaming to bed.

Doctor Who

Best Christmas TV for dads
Best Christmas TV for dads – Image Credit: BBC

Well, obviously. Strange to think that, this time 13 years ago, the idea of Doctor Who coming back at all seemed almost laughable; but now, having been back on screens since 2005, it remains one of the biggest shows on TV, with its Christmas Day specials an annual tradition. How things change.

And speaking of changes, this latest Christmas special Twice Upon A Time is a biggie, as we bid farewell both to the incumbent Doctor, Peter Capaldi, and showrunner Steven Moffatt, paving the way to a new era of Who under Chris Chibnall, with Jodie Whittaker almost certain to make her first appearance as the new Doctor in the closing scene. And you just know some of your older relatives will have a colourful reaction to that regeneration.

Doctor Who airs on Christmas Day on BBC One.

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