Whether you are hosting friends and family or just throwing a party, it is essential you stock up on some quality festive spirits to impress your guests at Christmas. Whether you’re whipping up your favourite cocktail or after something special to sup at night, dads should be prepared.

The UK spirits market is booming, with double the number of distilleries than two years ago, thanks largely to the explosion in gin production. But there is much more to the market than boutique tipples. Foreign imports are also on the rise, and more of us are looking for quality over quantity when it comes to the stronger stuff.

So we’re giving you a helping hand to make sure your booze cupboard is a cracker.

Psychopomp Gin – Microdistillery.co.uk

Best Christmas Spirits
Best Christmas Spirits

With so many gins to choose from it is difficult to pin down just on. But the Psychopomp distillery in Bristol is creating some of the best. This independent, small-batch operation produces gins of such supreme quality that we prefer to drink them neat or mix into a martini rather than drown them in tonic. Its core gin is a London Dry style called Woden, which should be in every gin lover’s collection. Psychopomp also creates seasonal spirits throughout the year and others inspired by Bristol restaurants and collaborators, such as Wild Beer. Be sure to check out these guys’ other products, where you can discover a truly potent absinthe or the country’s first Aquavit alongside premixed cocktails and coffee digestifs.

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