The Christmas TV advert is as much a part of the festive season as turkey and arguing about Brexit with your nan. With today’s arrival of the season’s most anticipated festive commercial from John Lewis, this year featuring the lovable Moz The Monster, we thought we’d take a trip back to the Yuletides of yesteryear to pick out ten of the very best Christmas ads.

10. ‘The Long Wait’, John Lewis (2011)

John Lewis is going to feature heavily on this list as they are the cream of the crop when it comes Chrismas ads. Here’s one from 2011 called ‘The Long Wait’, a two-minute promo featuring a boy who can’t wait to give a present to his mum – because Christmas is all about giving rather than receiving, apparently.

9. ‘Christmas Food’, Marks & Spencer (2006)

If there’s one ad to come under the category of ‘food porn’, then this tantalising commercial from Marks & Sparks from 2006 is definitely it. With a sexy soundtrack from Santana and a smooth female voiceover, this sultry effort will have you salivating over cabbage well before it reaches its climax. This is not just food, it’s absolute filth.

8. ‘The Snowman’, Irn-Bru (2006)

Christmas movie viewings are an annual staple in our household and, apart from Die Hard, it’s Ramon Briggs’ ‘The Snowman’ that is always a guarantee. Eleven years ago, Irn-Bru released this ‘Snowman’ themed ad, massively changing the works of the iconic theme song, but keeping in the place the stunning animation style.

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7. ‘Mistletoe’, Yellow Pages (1992)

I don’t know about you, but I bloody miss the Yellow Pages. The blasted internet has made the thick door-stop redundant, but back in 1992 it was a household necessity. This Christmas ad from that year is perhaps the most adorable on this list, and the shortest too, all revolving around a short-ass who can’t quite reach his girlfriends lips to land a smacker on the big day. Guess what he uses to get the job done?

6. Celeb-packed Christmas Advert, Wollworths (1978)

This one comes from another major casualty on the high street, a place where you could buy everything from a power drill to the latest Glen Campbell LP. Woolworths was a major destination back in the 1970s when this cheesy wonder arrived on screens. Featuring everyone from Tim Brooke-Taylor to Leslie Crowther and Kenny Everett, this one is bound to take you back.

5. ‘Magic Moments’, Quality Street (1992)

Quality Street, the tub of sweets that you’re guaranteed to come into contact with sometime during the festive season. Here’s their seasonal advert from the early nineties which not only made you make sure you’d got your annual supply in, but also taught you how to cross the road too.

4. ‘Walk Of Shame’, Harvey Nichols (2011)

Although it was only released six years ago, I can’t even imagine this one getting the go-ahead now. The ‘Walk Of Shame’ Harvey Nichols ad focussed on a group of women who have obviously had some fun the previous evening, all supposedly heading home in their party gear, strangely backed by the funeral fave hymn ‘Morning Has Broken’. What were they thinking?

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3. ‘Christmas Truce of 1914’, Sainsbury’s (2014)

Sainsbury’s have always been a reliable brand for quality Christmas commercials, and this one from a few years ago is a definite highlight. Made in partnership with the Royal British Legion, this one focussed on peace on the front line on Christmas Day during World War I. Seriously heart-tugging stuff is this.

2. ‘The Bear & The Hare’, John Lewis (2013)

Definitely the best John Lewis ad of the last few years, and one which must have had middling pop/rock group Keane rubbing their hands together with festive joy. ‘The Bear & The Hare’ is a work of art, and one that still manages to send water rushing to the tear ducts three years on.

1. ‘Holidays Are Coming’, Coca-Cola (1995)

In terms of brand advertising, Coca-Cola are amongst the very best in show. The go-to drink if you’re having to drive on the big day, the black stuff is as popular at Christmas as eggnog and Advocaat. ‘The Holidays Are Coming’ ad is brought back to the small screen year after year and, let’s face it, it wouldn’t quite be Christmas without it.

Check out the 2017 John Lewis Christmas ad, titled ‘Moz The Monster’, below.

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