Scrapped Pixar Ideas

7 Amazing Ideas Scrapped By Pixar

Pixar has shaped many a childhood (and adulthood) and continues to be the benchmark in feature animation. It’s baffling to think that Toy Story was released nearly 23 years ago, with the company – now owned by Disney (which now owns pretty much everything) – having no less than 16 Oscars to its name, and […]

These Are The Best Beers To Pair With Your Christmas Dinner, According To An Expert

With just a couple of days to go until Christmas, thoughts have turned to gorging on the year’s best meal and chucking obscene amounts of booze down our necks. While most will opt for a straightforward glass of plonk to accompany the festive dinner, some dads fancy a proper beer to wash down our turkey […]

Apps For Dads: The 5 Best Apps For Expectant Fathers

As regular readers may know, I’m an expectant dad. The bun has been in my wife’s proverbial oven for just about six months now, and while the road has been rocky, it’s also been rather exciting. I’m one of those people who can’t help but read and read and read about what to do once […]

11 Best LEGO Ninjago Sets

Are you bricking it over what to get the kids for Christmas? We do the work for you by counting down the best LEGO Ninjago sets. The LEGO Ninjago Movie just hit cinemas across the UK this past weekend. The film is the third big-screen LEGO movies, following the, erm, LEGO Movie, and last year’s […]

Best Toys For Dads This Christmas

With less than two weeks to go until Santa loads up the sleigh and starts his busiest (alright, only) shift of the year, we take a look at the best toys for dads – in other words, the toys you’ll want to play with once the kids are in bed – this Christmas. LEGO First […]

7 Questions We Have After Watching That ‘Avengers Infinity War’ Trailer

The very first Avengers Infinity War trailer has just dropped online. At around 1.23pm this afternoon (UK), millions of film geek hearts went aflutter when Good Morning America exclusively revealed the promo for the film that arrives in cinemas next spring. Take a look at this. Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War trailer While we’re personally big fans […]

How Topps Are Celebrating 25 Years Of Premier League Stickers

Remember those days in the playground when you and your mates would get together and rip out wads of Topps’ Premier League stickers, then browse, gawk in awe, and barter over swaps? Well, Topps’ Premier League stickers are 25-years-old this year and next month Topps are giving away 2,500 prizes signed by some of the […]

Best Christmas Ads

As John Lewis Reveals Moz The Monster, Here Are The 10 Best Christmas Ads

The Christmas TV advert is as much a part of the festive season as turkey and arguing about Brexit with your nan. With today’s arrival of the season’s most anticipated festive commercial from John Lewis, this year featuring the lovable Moz The Monster, we thought we’d take a trip back to the Yuletides of yesteryear […]

Best Firework Displays To See With The Kids

5 Of The Best Firework Displays To See With The Kids This Weekend

Flash. Bang. Wallop. We round up the best firework displays to see with the kids. It’s that time of year when it all starts to go off big-time outdoors with constant bangs and crackles, night after bloody night. With the dog cowering in the corner and the kids kicking off about wanting to go see […]

LEGO Creator Taj Mahal To Get Christmas Re-Release

With heaps of movies in your local multiplex, hundreds of new sets being released each year, and the younger generation’s continuous interest in the little bricks, there’s never been a better time to be a LEGO dad. With Christmas around the corner, thoughts are turning to the time of year when we can kick-back after […]