The Dude

How The Dude Answers Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Life

It’s 20 years since The Big Lebowski was first released in cinemas – the story of eternal slacker The Dude, who gets caught up in a web of kidnap, a peed-on rug, nihilism, bowling paederasts, severed toes, and fucking strangers in the ass (“You see what happens, Larry?!”) Played by Jeff Bridges, The Dude (AKA […]

Lynn Benfield

Why Lynn Is The Real Star Of Alan Partridge

With Lynn Benfield confirmed to return to TV, here’s a love letter to the woman who made Alan Partridge the man he is. Behind every great man is a great woman. In Alan Partridge’s case, it’s his PA Lynn Benfield, shuffling several feet behind and carrying a box of James Bond videos for him because […]


Why We Should Celebrate The Dad-Bod

Is the dad-bod something to be ashamed of? No, it’s a matter of manly pride, says Tom Fordy. I’ve had enough of headlines, articles, and social media posts that say things like, “How to get rid of your dad-bod”, “From fat dad to fit dad”, and “Being a big fat bastard makes you less of […]

The She Street Band

Meet The She Street Band – The World’s First All-Female Springsteen Tribute Band

To some, Bruce Springsteen is a dad-rocker, but to his fans he’s so much more. Now The She Street Band have found a whole new side to The Boss. Every Bruce Springsteen fan has been on their own personal journey with the Boss, beginning with a defining moment when his music first gripped them. For […]

lego sets for dads

The Best Lego Sets For Dads

With the iconic Danish brick turning 60 this past weekend, here are the best Lego sets for dads. Let’s stop pretending. Lego is for dads. It’s the perfect combination of our two favourite activities – taking on a project, and wallowing in nostalgia. Indeed, it was a sad day when I realised my five-year-old could […]

kids birthday presents

Why Buying Other Kids Birthday Presents Brings Out The Worst Dad In Me

Is buying other kids birthday presents an act of kindness? Or just about competitive parenting and showing off? It’s a tricky business, buying other people’s kids birthday presents – a political minefield of social etiquette and shameless ego-stroking. It dawned on me this week, as I found myself in WH Smith, arms crammed with £30 […]

new Die Hard

The Midlife Hostage Crisis: How Liam Neeson Became The New Die Hard

Die Hard on a train? Now it’s Liam Neeson on a train, says Tom Fordy. I once met Liam Neeson, during a press junket for his 2014 terrorism-on-a-plane movie Non-Stop. I wanted to ask him about post-9/11 anxiety in action cinema, but the tabloid journalist next to me set the tone by asking, “Have you ever […]

My Son Rated Me On My Abilities As A Dad – This Is How I Scored

One day each week I have the kids all to myself – one five-year-old and one 18-month-old. You’d think after five years of this dadding business I’d have nailed the formula for a day of fun, educational, and well-organised parenting. But last week, “Daddy Day” was an absolute disaster – a badly prepared late-starter that […]

11 Best Christmas Jumpers For Dads – Ranked By A 5-Year-Old

With Crimbo just around the corner and Christmas Jumper Day on Friday Dec 15, we let a five-year-old choose the best Christmas jumpers for dads. It’s Christmas jumper season again… or as it’s better known as, erm, Christmas. These days, us dads are spoiled for choice with the ol’ Crimbo jumpers – trendy ones, ugly […]

Thanksgiving in the UK

Thanksgiving In The UK? Arguments For & Against Americanising Britain

Every year Thanksgiving in the UK becomes even more of “a thing”. A bit like American “football”, proms, and writing the date wrongly (see above, ahem). But is all this American culture in the UK a good or bad thing? Two of our writers argue for and against Thanksgiving in the UK the the Americanisation […]