Best Football Twitter Accounts

Best Football Twitter Accounts To Follow

With the football season meandering toward the all-important Christmas period, the Premier League table is looking predictably familiar. New managers will want to spend big in the January sales to turn their faltering teams’ fortunes around, while the more seasoned bosses will bemoan the inflated prices and keep their wallets closed until the summer. You […]

greatest dad rockers

Greatest Dad Rockers: Who’s The Dad Rockiest Of Them All?

Tie back your hair and crack out the vinyl. We score the greatest dad rockers of all time. It was intended as a derogatory term for bands that blokes with hairlines fading as quickly as their denim listened to. Many of these “Dad Rock” groups came out of the classic movement of the 1970s, while […]

How You Can Play In The FA Cup

Here’s How You & Your Kids Can Play In The FA Cup (Well, Sort Of)

The People’s FA Cup is about to kick-off, which means only one thing: sporting glory awaits. If you’re anything like me, when you look at your rapidly declining physique in the mirror and reflect on where it all went wrong, you also think back to sporting glories of the past – remembering the hopes your younger […]

Low ABV Beers That Still Pack A Flavoursome Punch

There was a time when the idea of drinking any beer under 5% ABV was simply unthinkable. It was a time when you would think nothing of sinking eight pints of Stella, during its 5.2% heyday, partying till 3am, and then getting up for work the next morning. Indeed, those were the good times – […]

Christmas Dinner Survival Guide

The Dads’ Christmas Dinner Survival Guide

Got your presents sorted? Decorations just about holding up? That’s the easy bit done then – now you need to get lunch right. This meal could make or break Christmas, for EVERYONE. Nail it and you can spend the rest of the day in an air of smug contentment; get it wrong and you will […]

Drinking On Christmas Morning

The Joys Of Drinking On Christmas Morning

Drinking on Christmas morning? Ho-ho-ho yes. Starting early is one the festive season’s greatest pleasures, says Tom Flint. As an adult there are only two situations for which morning boozing is acceptable. The first is drinking at the airport while waiting for a flight, the second is drinking on Christmas morning. In fact, there’s no […]

Best Beers For Dads

Beers Every Dad Needs To Stock The House With This Christmas

Whether you are a real ale purist or lover of all things crafty, there’s always an exciting new beer out there for you. The boom in craft brewing has led to an explosion in the number of microbreweries in the UK and beyond – plus many established brewers are competing by upping their game and […]

Best Christmas Spirits Every Dad Needs In The House

Whether you are hosting friends and family or just throwing a party, it is essential you stock up on some quality festive spirits to impress your guests at Christmas. Whether you’re whipping up your favourite cocktail or after something special to sup at night, dads should be prepared. The UK spirits market is booming, with […]

Best Netflix Sports Documentaries

Nothing beats sporting drama on TV. Whether it is a cup final or Test series, the tension can rival any Nordic noir crime show. But when you take this and add a documentary element it is the perfect match. The insight into what it takes to be at the top of their game adds a […]

Coffee Is Good For You

Great News, Tired Dads – Coffee Is Good For You

Coffee is good for you? Then fill us up, because we’re bloody knackered. Are you still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes at 3pm every day? Have you lost the power of rational thought, presumably due to your brains melting sometime around the hundredth nighttime feed? Do you feel like you’re trapped in a […]