Why Cartoon Network’s New ‘ThunderCats Reboot’ Is Sending Everyone Over 30 To Despair

This past Saturday, whilst millions around the world were blubbing into their Union Jack handkerchiefs at the Royal Wedding, millions more were doing dramatic spit-takes into their sugar-frosted cereal as news broke that a beloved Saturday morning cartoon classic is coming back… but not as we knew it. Yes, a new ThunderCats reboot is on […]

World’s Greatest Dads: No.2 Roger Murtaugh

The label of father carries a variety of key responsibilities and recurring character traits. Tradition dictates the male parent be both the main provider and the protector, ensuring that his children are safe from danger and that they know how to keep themselves safe out in the big wide world. Tradition also tends to dictate […]

Ranking The Dads Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, From Worst To Best

Being a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to necessitate two things: 1) a gratuitous shirtless scene; and 2) severe daddy issues. Go down the list of Marvel’s leading man heroes from the past decade of interconnected films, and there are very few of them (Steve Rogers and Steven Strange being notable exceptions) who […]

7 Lessons From Evil Dead’s Ash On Being A Middle-Aged Man

Just when the men of Generation X had only just (or in many instances, not remotely) come to terms with the loss of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, we’re hit with the bombshell that yet another of our lifelong heroes is being put out to pasture. Bruce Campbell has officially declared his retirement as Ashley J […]

Why The Meg Could Be The Greatest Dad Movie Ever

Every once in a while, there comes a new motion picture that just has ‘Dad’s night out’ written all over it. Such a movie is The Meg, which will see Jason Statham do battle with a 75-foot prehistoric ancestor of the great white shark, known as the Megaladon. Excited yet? Maybe you will be after […]

How Fatherhood Inspired Me To Start Working Out

Nothing alerts you to your fitness levels more than chasing kids around – but getting in shape doesn’t necessarily mean turning into Hugh Jackman. I’m sure many of us will recall back in 2015, when the infamous Vin Diesel dad-bod photos appeared. Paparazzi shots showed the typically buff Fast & Furious star on a hotel […]

World Book Day: Alternative Costume Ideas For Kids

Don’t let your child be yet another Harry or Hermione! Cast your eye further afield with some of our (hopefully) less obvious suggestions for World Book Day. Thursday March 1 is World Book Day, which in recent years has become the day on which parents up and down the nation cough obscenities and scramble wildly […]

7 Films Rated ’15’ That I’m Happy To Watch With My Kids

Maybe, just maybe, the censors don’t get it right every time. Are these restrictive-rated films okay for youngsters after all, or is our writer just a really irresponsible father…? Regular Age of Dad readers may be aware I’ve had a bit of an ongoing series here regarding the film viewing habits of my family, and […]

PG films

7 ‘PG’ Rated Films (And A ‘U’) I Won’t Let My Kids Watch

PG films? Turns out ‘parental guidance’ doesn’t always mean family-friendly… Not too long ago, I gave a few thoughts on the tricky subject of deciding what entertainment is or is not suitable for your child. As I noted at the time, it isn’t always so simple as just going by the BBFC ratings and assuming […]

Big Kids Aisle

Smyths Toys To Open ‘Big Kids Aisle’ For Adult Play

Dads rejoice – we’re officially allowed to get stuck in at the toy shop. There are no two ways about it: as much as we want our toy purchases to please the kids, us parents want to play with the damn things too. Recent Netflix series The Toys That Made Us hammered home just how […]