picture of a central nervous system

Terrify Your Kids With This Picture Of A Central Nervous System

When I was a kid, I scoured the pages of my ‘How Your Body Works’ book for hours. And not just to laugh at the willies. My kids are exactly the same, fascinated by the internal workings – brains, guts, other squidgy bits, and blood. They love the little cartoons of skeletons and men without […]

most important albums

Dads Tell Us The Most Important Albums They’ll Ever Play Their Kids

How important is it for your kids to have great musical taste? When you consider how much music influences a young person’s life – their personality, their social identity, the adult they ultimately grow up to be – then pretty ruddy important. And as music’s such a deeply personal thing, what dad doesn’t want their […]

Forgotten Movie Toy Lines From The 1980s & 1990s

How many of these movie toys from the 1980s and 90s did you play with? Netflix documentary series The Toys That Made Us has been a blast of nostalgic brilliance. There’s nothing Age of Dad enjoys more than wallowing in the plastic moulded glories of yesteryear. But while The Toys That Made Us has episodes dedicated […]

bedtime story books

Bedtime Story Books Every Dad Should Read His Kids

The kids’ bedtime is one of the day’s true magical moments — they get a story, you get one step closer to a few hours’ respite before the relentless madness starts over again the next morning. And finding bedtime story books that spark the imagination of both kids and dad is a rare thing, but […]

Things Every New Dad Should Know

10 Things Every New Dad Should Know (But Nobody Ever Tells You)

Incessant talking, rubbish playing, and getting walloped in the balls. Here are some important things every new dad should know about. With one Age of Dad writer about to become a father for the first first time, I decided to share some of parenting’s greatest secrets and give him fair warning. Here are some things […]

All The Things You Have To Watch To Make It A Proper Christmas, According To Dads

It’s Christmas once again, which means – as much as anything else – a chance to sit down and watch all your favourite Xmas movies and TV specials, as you do every single year. (Hey, it’s a time for tradition!) But Christmas means something different to everyone, and we all have our own version of the age-old […]

With UK Store Closures Announced, Here Are 5 Ways To Save Toys R Us

Toys R Us has announced that it will shut “at least” 26 stores of its UK stores in 2018 – putting up to 800 jobs at risk across at our favourite over-sized, slightly-intimidating, occasionally-soulless toy shop. It follows the US and Canadian version of the chain filing for bankruptcy protection earlier in the year. As […]

My child is on the spectrum

Being Told My Child Is On The Spectrum Was Life-Changing – But He’s Unique, Not A Label

How hard would it be to admit to yourself, “My child is on the spectrum”? One father explains his difficult experience. My son doesn’t have a label. My son is not a diagnostic term to be found in a textbook. My son is many things – some utterly wonderful, others incredibly upsetting, mostly complicated and […]

Win ‘Ferdinand’ Movie Merchandise Packs

To celebrate the release of Ferdinand, in cinemas 9th December, we’re offering 4 lucky people the chance of winning these amazing merchandise packs, including: · Sticker Scene · Activity Mask · Stationary Set · Grow Your Own Flower · Kid’s Christmas Hat with Horns Fedinand tells the story of a giant bull with a big […]

Greatest Thing To Happen On TV

Dads Tell Us The Greatest Things To Ever Happen On TV

On World TV Day we ask dads to explain the greatest things that ever happened on television – from shows and characters to life-changing moments. What would we do without the television? Just stare blankly at the corner of the room, most probably, with nothing to talk about at work the next day. It would […]