Age of Dad is a lifestyle and entertainment website for dads who still feel like kids themselves – working dads, stay-at-home dads, stepdads, foster dads, and all other kinds of dads.

  • Dads who are ready to take on the world every morning.
  • Dads who are more tired than they ever imagined possible.
  • Dads who live to play with their kids.
  • Dads who who would kill for one afternoon’s peace in front of the TV.
  • Dads who likes to stay in shape.
  • Dads who can’t get enough pizza.
  • Dads who marvel in the wonder of being a parent every day.
  • Dads who would quite happily admit it’s bloody hard work.
  • Dads whose greatest pleasure is family time.
  • Dads who can’t wait to sneak in a crafty pint with their old mates.
  • Dads who are excited by everything that’s new.
  • Dads who are stuck in the past.
  • Dads who are still geeky about the things they’ve always loved.

In fact, it’s not just for dads – but anyone who relates to any of the above.