This Friday is a very special day for Star Wars fans. Force Friday II – the sequel – is the day where toy manufacturers launch their new product lines for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the next installment in the Star Wars franchise that hits cinemas in December.

This really is an incredible line-up, and actually beats the Fist Force Friday two years back in terms of tech toys. These are the toys which dads are set to splash the cash on the run-up to Christmas  – kids once more used as some kind of human shield for the spend.

This from the superb Peter Jenkinson from Toyology, who witnessed the unveiling firsthand at Disney Store, Oxford Street. Find him on Twitter at @toyologist.

Sphero R2D2 – £179.99

“The app-enabled droid we’ve been waiting for. This one has authentic lights, sounds from the ’77 film and, the motor functionality is incredible. That moment when he gets snagged by the Jawa, shrieks in bleeps and tumbles? It’s all here.”

Littlebits Droid Inventor Kit – £99.99

“Create and customise your own Star Wars droid or add everyday items and come up with your own curious creations. Set it to drive mode, self-nav mode or on one of over 16 missions.”

Lenovo Star Wars Jedi Challenges – £249.99

“This AR experience in a box features a headset for your smartphone, lightsaber controller and tracking beacon. Take part in battles with Darth Vader, lead Rebels forces in ground wars and, killer app, play that very famous holographic chess.”

Poe Dameron Helmet – £75

“From the Hasbro Black Edition range of stuff for kidults is this replica helmet that, when put on the head, can activate BB8 sounds into the internal speakers.”

Hasbro Force Link

“This wearable piece of kit interacts with a range of characters from the Star Wars franchise and when each is placed near the glove phrases, lights and sounds are performed.”

BB8 and R2D2 shavers from Philips

“Taking the licensing into new territory these stylised shavers are for die-hard fans, hard-to-buy-for dads and those disappointed that there still isn’t a Darth Vader toothbrush.”

PORG From Funko

“Without question, the best vinyl collections this side of Tattooine Funko have the entire cast for your on-shelf enjoyment. This new character PORG we think is set to be a big hit.”

PORG from Posh Paws

“We’re clueless as to whether this’ll be a flappy thing from the dark side that breathes fire or a Rebel weapon that flies with Ewoks – but, it does look the business and we’re certain the character will be a popular one.”

WOW Stuff Jedi training remote


“So, another throw back to ’77 when Obi taught Luke the art of the Force aboard the Millennium Falcon, yes? This replica remote control uses a handheld or the actual Force to stay in flight as you wave your hand underneath and marvel at its magic.”

LEGO Collection BB8

“Fans of the spherical droid rejoice, this collector’s piece comes complete with stand, mini version, mechanical twirling head and opening front door that reveals internal workings.”

JAKKS Praetorian Guard

“Like some ancient Japanese warrior, futuristic crime fighter hybrid this new character casts a shadow we wouldn’t want to get in the way of.”

Look out for all of these and more in stores in the big lead-up to Christmas. Once again thanks to Peter Jenkinson from Toyology. Follow him on Twitter at @toyologist.

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