What dad doesn’t love LEGO? Which is exactly why we’ve spent the last few days studying this new book on LEGO facts, Absolutely Everything You Need To Know.

It’s sure to be a big seller this Christmas, but in case you’re undecided about whether to force your kid to put it on their Crimbo list for your own gain, here’s a taster of 10 awesome LEGO facts from inside the book.Lego Facts

1. Before LEGO began making plastic bricks (the first were sold in 1949) the company sold wooden toys, including stacking blocks, yo-yos, and toy animals.

2. There now an estimated 102 LEGO bricks for every person in the world.

3. LEGO released its first Technic sets in 1977. And they’re bloody hard to make. I had a go at Technic last year and its pushed me close to tears. I won’t be putting myself through that again. (That last bit’s not in the book, obvs.)

Lego Facts

4. The biggest ever LEGO vehicle was a specially designed Star Wars X-Wing. It used 5,335,200 bricks and had a wingspan of 44ft.

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5. On the subject of Star Wars, the rarest mini figure is a one-off solid silver C-3PO. It was made for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007.


Lego Facts

6. Though the first police LEGO set was made in 1972, there were no minifigure crooks until 1993. Which basically means the LEGO police spent almost 20 years sitting around their arses, scoffing little plastic doughnuts.

7. The Brick Bank set from the Modular Buildings range (a fancy name for grown-ups’ LEGO) is built alongside a launderette, inside which there’s an out of order washing machine – actually a secret passageway into the bank’s vault, so villains can “launder” their money.

8. A LEGO model version of the space shuttle Discovery was taken aboard the real-life version in 2010 – and travelled over 5 million miles into space.

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Lego Facts

9. The distance between the Earth and Moon measured in minifigures is 9,610,000,000 .

10. You can combine six identical eight-studded LEGO bricks in 915,103,765 different ways. I asked my five-year-old. He can only think of three.

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