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Why Cartoon Network’s New ‘ThunderCats Reboot’ Is Sending Everyone Over 30 To Despair

This past Saturday, whilst millions around the world were blubbing into their Union Jack handkerchiefs at the Royal Wedding, millions more were doing dramatic spit-takes into their sugar-frosted cereal as news broke that a beloved Saturday morning cartoon classic is coming back… but not as we knew it. Yes, a new ThunderCats reboot is on […]

World Cup Squad

A Complete History Of Why Football Fans Stopped Giving A Shit About England

Being an England fan is like any toxic romance: Blind love built on damaging lows that rely on misplaced forgiveness to keep us coming back, convinced things are going to be different next time. Now manager and penalty flop Gareth Southgate has picked the poor saps who will be on the plane to Russia this […]

World’s Greatest Dads: No.2 Roger Murtaugh

The label of father carries a variety of key responsibilities and recurring character traits. Tradition dictates the male parent be both the main provider and the protector, ensuring that his children are safe from danger and that they know how to keep themselves safe out in the big wide world. Tradition also tends to dictate […]

Ranking The Dads Of The Marvel Cinematic Universe, From Worst To Best

Being a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe tends to necessitate two things: 1) a gratuitous shirtless scene; and 2) severe daddy issues. Go down the list of Marvel’s leading man heroes from the past decade of interconnected films, and there are very few of them (Steve Rogers and Steven Strange being notable exceptions) who […]

7 Lessons From Evil Dead’s Ash On Being A Middle-Aged Man

Just when the men of Generation X had only just (or in many instances, not remotely) come to terms with the loss of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, we’re hit with the bombshell that yet another of our lifelong heroes is being put out to pasture. Bruce Campbell has officially declared his retirement as Ashley J […]