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Borg Vs McEnroe & The Greatest Sporting Finals Of All-Time

In cinemas this weekend is Borg Vs McEnroe, which tells the true story of the legendary 1980 Wimbledon tennis final between world’s number one pro Björn Borg, and mouthy next-big-thing, John McEnroe. The film is a solid three stars and features some good performances from Sverrir Gudnason as Borg and Shia LaBeouf as McEnroe, but […]

Cool 1980s Lunch Boxes & The Best To Buy Your Kids Now

When I was a kid – which, granted, was way back in the 1980s – the lunch box was my biggest enemy. No matter what my dear old mum put in there as a treat for me during my long day at school, it would almost always end up in the bin. The sheer repetitiveness […]

Retro Top Trumps

Toy Review: Retro Top Trumps

Top Trumps was never something I played much myself as a kid (I was more a wrestling action figures man, to be honest) but as someone who lives almost exclusively in the past, I was still excited by these retro Top Trumps sets. The “Retro Collection” includes five absolute classics: Exotic Sports Cars 1992, Fantasy […]

007 Reasons No Action Franchise Will Ever Beat Bond

It’s that time again – a new spy movie has landed in cinemas with Kingsman: The Golden Circle, prompting that yawnsome debate to rear its ugly head, as people start chalking up their opinions on how much this franchise and that character is better than Bond. Well, with the new Kingsman out and Jason Bourne […]