Greatest Thing To Happen On TV

Dads Tell Us The Greatest Things To Ever Happen On TV

Essential Father-Son Bonding Activities For The Modern World

Technology. Trends. Modern attitudes. Yes, the world is changing. And as dads, we need to change with it to make sure we give our sons the best start in life. So whereas fishing, hunting or playing catch may have been essential for father-son bonding and teaching our children the ways of the world in years […]

Why Dads Should Celebrate International Men’s Day

Martin Daubney is the co-founder of the Men & Boys Coalition, and a UK ambassador for International Men’s Day. “International Men’s Day? Hang about, isn’t every day International Men’s Day!?” It’s a ‘joke’ so familiar to anybody involved in IMD, that we tend to keep a stock reply – something like “no, it’s November 19th, when, […]

Justice League review

Justice League Review

Stefan Pape with Age of Dad’s official Justice League review. It’s fair to say that Suicide Squad has been widely recognised, and ultimately considered, to be absolutely rubbish. Conversely, Wonder Woman was critically lauded, tapping into the imaginations, and hearts, of parents and children across the world. So intrigue as to where Justice League falls […]

Grandparents Are Bad For Kids' Health

Grandparents Are Bad For Kids’ Health, Says Research – Yeah, No Shit

A new study says that grandparents are bad for kids’ health because they spoil them. But isn’t that down to us parents too? When I was in my early teens I became convinced my nan was planning to eat me. What other reason could there have been for the incessant fattening up she subjected me […]